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TruCal ® D7 Glanbia Nutritionals.

TruCal ® D7 is a special formulation from Glanbia Nutritionals Research. It is the extraction of minerals and calcium of bovine colostrum taken from New Zealand which can increase the efficiency of C2joy to boost the immune system and health in short period of time.

New Zealand Natural.

C2Joy is formulated with 2 main ingredients: Bovine colostrum which is also known as first milk taken as early as 6 hour after the mother giving birth. Besides, it also contain Calcium and Minerals contain of milk which is (TruCal ® D7).


Colostrum is essential for human in developing and boosting the immune system as well as to optimize the human growth specifically for children.

Albert Sabin, an immunologist used bovine Colostrum as main ingredient to produce Immunoglobulin which is proven in boosting the immune system to fight against disease specifically polio disease. However, it has been replaced by vaccine due to the high cost of Colostrum even though the Colostrum work better than vaccine.

According to the research, the nutrition and mineral content of milk in bovine Colostrum are almost similar to the nutrition composition in human Colostrum milk. In most cases, the immune factor in bovine Colostrum is four times higher than the immune factor in human Colostrum.

TruCal ® D7 is an Extraordinary Calsium

TruCal ® D7 provides a biological sources in minerals milk that are easily absorbed and physiology for bone formation and minerals.

TruCal ® D7 assist in the establishment of the optimum balance between sources of calcium and other important mineral to bone health and strength

TruCal ® D7 is proved to be more effective in increasing the strength and bone density compared to other premium calcium milk.

TruCal ® D7 is a unique formulation that can be used in a variety of mediums to optimise and maintain strong bones and healthy.

According to the human clinical studies for 6 weeks, TruCal ® D7 is proved to be more effective than ordinary calcium source in avoiding loss of bone density and at the same time can help build strong bones.


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